The Road to 9 Begins Tonight

While I can’t say I’m super hyped to stay up until Midnight to watch my Kentucky Wildcats beat Hampton U. by 30+ points, the road has to start somewhere. That said, KYWildcatsTV never disappoints when it comes to making pump up videos, so I was excited by the end of that. Click the image below for the link:


Here’s a look at tonight’s “second round” schedule:


As far as upsets are concerned, I think the 1-3 seeds all are pretty safe. I think North Carolina will have no problem with Harvard, but I’m not the only one who will tell you that Georgetown was overseeded as a #4 and that they should be on upset alert versus 13-seed Eastern Washington, and of course, that game starts at 9:57 p.m.

On the two 5 vs. 12 matchups I picked Arkansas and Utah to win, but I also have heard quite a bit of chatter about the Stephen F. Austin team taking on the Utes, so I’d look for that to be an interesting game too.

I don’t think any 6 seed is safe tonight. While unlikely that all three go down, every game matches an underachieving top five-conference school taking on an overachieving mid-major. I picked all three 11’s winning tonight in one bracket.

It’s also the same scenario with the 7 vs. 10 matchup in Ohio State taking on VCU. I like VCU to win that one but would not at all be shocked if the Buckeyes came out with a victory.

I think Purdue has been tested more throughout the course of the season and it will show in their matchup with Cincinnati. So I put the Boilermakers on top as well as LSU over NC State, but that game basically is a pick ’em.

That’s all for now, I will check back tomorrow to see how we did, and add picks for tomorrow’s match ups. Also tomorrow, I’ll about the other March Madness going on right now that is the Road to the Kentucky Derby.


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