Racing Group Uses Million to Draw Millennials to the Track


I was interviewed by Deborah Pankey of the Chicago Daily Herald on Arlington Million Day about America’s Best Racing and what exactly we were trying to accomplish in Chicago that week. There were a tremendous amount of people in the 21-35 age group on hand at million day, so when Deborah first stopped me to talk, it was as if she didn’t even know there was an issue with getting new fans out there. Arlington was a great place with unbelievable emphasis by their staff on customer service to their guests. I would recommend the Arlington experience on any race day to anyone, and cannot wait until I can get back up there.


Here’s an excerpt from Deborah’s article:

“Cox, 25, of Lexington, Ky., is a brand ambassador for America’s Best Racing, a group hoping to turn the adult Millennials — 21- to 33-year-olds — into horse racing fans. Sporting Ray Bans, a navy suit and a day’s growth of facial hair, Cox commanded a crew passing out T-shirts and can cozies and explained the ABCs of reading a program and placing a wager to those who didn’t have a friend like Charleton to show them the ropes.”

Read the full article here.


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