ABRV Gets Green Light for Derby Infield


I always enjoy using the late Hunter S. Thompson’s description when talking about the Kentucky Derby Infield:

“That whole thing, will be jammed with people; fifty thousand or so, and most of them staggering drunk. It’s a fantastic scene — thousands of people fainting, crying, copulating, trampling each other and fighting with broken whiskey bottles. We’ll have to spend some time out there, but it’s hard to move around, too many bodies.”

Hunter S. Thompson

Kentuckian Hunter S. Thompson

If you’ve never read Thompson’s 1970 classic entitled: “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Defined” I would highly recommend it. Having experienced the Kentucky Derby Infield three times and the Kentucky Oaks Infield once, I can’t say that Mr. Thompson was that far off in his description. There’s certainly no shortage of drunks, I never once saw I horse in-person and regardless of how nice or dry the weather is, the infield is always muddy.


Kentucky Oaks Infield Celebration

We will be rolling the ABRV into the infield on May 4 for the 2013 editions of the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks. Despite the debauchery that surrounds the reputation of the infield, it is still where the majority of derby-goers in our target demographic go to celebrate the races. What is our major goal while we are in the infield? To make millennials understand that there are several other big events in horse racing going on nationwide throughout the year, and that our bus tour will also be present for the majority of those events.

Pimlico Preaknes

Pimlico in Baltimore, MD on Preakness Day

It’s not like the excitement ends once the Derby is over. In fact, the same type of atmosphere will be recreated two short weeks later when the ABRV will roll into the Preakness infield. If you haven’t checked out the Maryland Jockey Club’s “Experience Preakness” video, you would be surprised at how exciting the second jewel of the Triple Crown can be. It is literally the biggest sporting event in the state of Maryland.

Race Fans

Fans at the Arlington Million in Chicago

We will also be traveling to the Belmont Stakes, the Haskell at Monmouth Park in New Jersey, Saratoga, the Arlington Million in Chicago, Del Mar and Santa Anita for the Breeders’ Cup World Championships. There is without doubt something for everyone at all of these events, but especially for those around my age – who are into dressing up, eating well, gambling a little bit, and partying. I always say the racetrack is a celebration. It celebrates a time-honored tradition where lifestyle meets competition. So get in the game!


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