Blue Grass Style at Logan’s of Lexington


“Blue Grass Style at Logan’s of Lexington”

Sure we have seen plenty of fashion blogs here at America’s Best Racing for the ladies, but what about for the young men who want to avoid looking like a scrub at the track? If you are in the horse capital of the world for the Keeneland meet, Logan’s of Lexington is a must for menswear.

A day at the races is a day-long celebration dedicated to a long tradition of lifestyle and competition. We celebrate the tradition of going to the races with the tradition of looking good at the races. When picking out a winner out at the track, you look at who is going to have early speed. Who is going to set the pace? Who is going to close well? Who is the classiest looking colt on the track?

Well when a young single lady is looking for a winning young man at Keeneland, they look at similar things. Early speed will probably be either the men who drink heavily at the tailgate early on, or those who approach a girl with cheesy pick-up lines at the initial introduction. These guys aren’t going to win any race. Keeneland girls love picking out a colt with some class. If you have class at Keeneland, you’ve definitely got the best chance to close late #forthewin. That’s where Logan’s of Lexington comes in – they keep us young colts looking classy.


Logan’s of Lexington has been providing race-goers with the finest of clothing since the family business opened its doors in Midway, KY near Lexington in 1964. Of all the men’s clothing stores in Lexington today, Logan’s does a great job reaching out to the younger crowd through their social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter, but also on their blog which you can see on their website, titled “The Well Dressed Man.” Steve Logan now runs the store along with his brother Elliot, and father Harlan. I decided to ask Steve a few questions about the history of their store and what role the thoroughbred industry has played in their business over the years.

JC: Steve, talk about the history of Logan’s, how your family started it in the 1960’s and why/how you decided to stay in the family business when you decided your career.

SL: My father & mother moved from Eastern Kentucky to Midway in 1964 to go into business, and opened Logan’s. The business climate was completely different when they were in Midway – this was before social media, blogging or the internet in general. They built a business the “old fashioned” way, on principles: giving the customers a good product at a good price, outstanding customer service and standing behind what they sold. One of the good things about being in a second generation of a family business like that is that you get to grow up in that kind of environment and learn the value of those principles, and see how important they are to the success of a business by watching it every day. So when the conversation started to take place about opening Logan’s in Lexington, it was an easy decision to continue to build on a business that had been successful and get to work every day with your family.

JC: How have Keeneland and the general thoroughbred culture surrounding Lexington contributed to the success of Logan’s over the years?

SL: The thoroughbred industry has always had a very positive impact on our business. Not only does it draw so many people to the area during racing season and the sales, but Keeneland and the Kentucky Derby are events that people still like to dress their best to attend. We’re very fortunate from a business standpoint to have a month-long period from late March to early May that consists of Easter, Keeneland and the Derby, because those are three events that guys dress up for, and we have always had a busy Spring because of it.

Check out Logan’s of Lexington’s Blue Grass Stakes Handicapping Contest:

BGStyle Inside3

JC: What does the perfect Blue Grass Stakes day outfit consist of for young men?

SL: If you’ve been to Keeneland so far this Spring, you know it’s all about color. Bright Spring colors in pants, jackets and shirts. And a bow-tie for a young man at Keeneland is a must!

JC: Talk about the idea behind your “The Well Dressed Man” blog and how it has helped you reach a younger audience through your website and social media.

SL: The world around us changes constantly, and the way we communicate as a society has changed a lot since we opened our doors 49 years ago. Some of the things we used to do continue to work, but we’re always looking for new ways to stay connected with our customers and “The Well Dressed Man” blog has been one of those new modes of communication that we’ve had a lot of fun with. We include fashion, of course, but there are also entries about how to make the perfect mint julep, how to find the right barber and other “lifestyle” type features that seem to make a lot of sense for our customers. We try to get those same features and ideas across through Twitter and on our Facebook page as well.

JC: How would you describe a more casual outfit for someone who has never been to the races before and is apprehensive to wear a suit, blazer, or even tie?

SL: I think it’s, again, all about color. You’ll see bright Spring colors everywhere you look at Keeneland and the Derby. Leave the jeans in the closet, and grab a pair of khakis or seersucker pants. Pair it with a bright Southern Tide polo or button down shirt and a pair of Sperry’s and you’ll look good!

So there you have it – make sure you get in on Logan’s’ Blue Grass Stakes handicapping contest by commenting on the photo on their Facebook page with who you think will win the race, and stop by Logan’s for all of your Keeneland necessities!


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